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Kalim is an ancient Indian healing and fighitng system whose core philosophy is relaxation.

There are more techniques to relax in Kalim than all systems of meditation and yoga and taichi combined.

We have recieved many requests for an event that teaches only the relaxation techniques. Relaxation makes any job easier and any decision correct. If you are confused about something in life and want to decide something for yourself come to this event and we will teach you to relax your body.

Earlier people had mid life crisises. Around age 50 they went "What am I doing with my life!" and then proceeded to lose their heads.

Now it's the age of quarter life crisises people between the ages of 25 and 30 are the most affected. Money seems like an empty and tension filled goal. Happiness is postponed to after age 40. The body is stiff almost like a corpse but they don't realise it. They just feel the pain from the stiffness and need 8 or 10 hours of sleep to recover temporarily from the damage it has caused them. Sigh.

It makes us sad to see this. We want to help you be relaxed and alive like a moist jellyfish. Happiness only resides in a hydrated, self aware, relaxed body.

THIS IS A FREE EVENT. Because we care. Bring your bodies riddled with tension and we will show you how you can easily release that tension with simple breathing and movement exercises.

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Contact Ashwin Mohan 9886006839


Indian Heritage Academy
20th Main , Near Police Station, 6th Block
Bangalore, Karnataka